Stew's Repair Co.

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  1. I used to hate xp gathering but now I find it somewhat fun...

    What will this company do?
    • I will be repairing tools or mending books/tools together to make what you want.
    • If you decide to have stuff mended together, you must supply the books/tools I won't be supplying.
    How much will it cost for what I need done?

    • I charge based on levels needed to do something, the pricing will be as followed:
    • Level 39 and higher- 500r
    • Level 31 to 38- 400r
    • Anything level 30 and below- 300r
    • Any diamond I use is 50r added to your order, or you can supply your own diamond.
    How long will it take for my "order" to be done?

    • Depends on what im doing at the time of your order, it won't take any longer than 72 hours though.
    How do I order?

    • You PM me the info and the levels needed then I will set up a chest at a specified res I will say in the convo, and then you wait until I reply and you pick your tool up at the same place I told you before.
    • I can pickup and deliver your tool for an additional 20r :)
    Thanks for your time,
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  2. I'll definitely be using this soon...
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