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  1. Hi there guys, it is Stew here and I have come up with a new business for 1.7.

    Stew's Fine Rods!

    (With Fishing Rod names that relate to Greek Mythology!)(I enjoy learning about Greek/Roman Mythology, it is fascinating!)
    My rods have a wide selection, here is what you may order:

    The Olympian's Rod (AKA "God Rod")

    (This name comes from Greek Mythology... if you didn't know the Olympians were the main 12 Greek gods, who ruled over the other gods)
    Enchants: Lure III, Luck of the Sea III, Unbreaking III
    Price: 10k

    Tyche's Rod
    (This name is from a Greek mythological goddess, Tyche, who was the goddess of fortune and luck.)
    Enchants: Luck of the Sea III, Unbreaking III
    Price: 5k

    A True Siren Rod
    (This name comes from a Greek Mythological creature, the Siren, who Lured in sea travelers with their amazing singing.)
    Enchants: Lure III, Unbreaking III
    Price: 5k

    All rods come with the name listed above.

    Order Form:


    All orders must be picked up at either 3339 (smp2) or 14449 (smp5), All orders will be completed within 48 hours! (samsimx may bump this thread and deliver orders if necessary)
  2. Wow you got another god rod already?
  3. i want a true siren rod :D 5000 dollas
  4. I will have it done tomorrow, seeing how its already 10PM here and I am having no luck getting lure atm.
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  5. Got done with your order sooner than I thought, pickup is at 3339 smp2, access sign is up already. Please pay the 5k as you pick up, thanks.
  6. I actually got the siren part and uh... one plenty o luck please! five thousand buckaroonies!
  7. Im just about to go to bed now, so your rod wont be done until I get home from school tomorrow.
  8. Ok thats fine!
  9. Bump! Will be getting orders done @ 3:15 PM est
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  10. lol forgot to say i paid :D thx stew
  11. Item: 1 Siren Rod, and 1 Luck rod
    Price: 5k each so 10k
  12. Would you like the God Rod instead? (same enchants as the two combined. and same price) Please reply ASAP if you want the God Rod or the 2 you ordered.
  13. Two I ordered please :)
  14. UPDATE: I have changed the names to all relate to Greek Mythology (I have loved learning about Greek and Roman mythology since 2-3 years ago when I started reading Percy Jackson....)

    Would you guys like new names since I am just starting on your's now? Or keep the names before. Either way you will both have them tonight.
    Okie :)
  15. Keep the names for mine, thanks!
  16. I will change the name for mine, Thanks!
  17. Your order is ready for pickup at 3339, please pay and pickup. :)
    Your order will be coming soon!
  18. Do you sell just a lure 111 rod?
  19. No, I prefer that all my rods come with U3 so that the buyer doesnt have to constantly repair.
  20. Item: One True Siren Rod
    Price: 5k