Stephen's Story!

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  1. If you like in the UK, you may or may not of heard of 'Stephen's Story'.

    Stephen Sutton is a normal teenager - except for the last 3 years he has been battling an incurable cancer. He made a bucket list and one of his goals was to fund-raise £10,000 for the Teenage Cancer Trust, however In the past few days it has gone very viral and he has raised £2,403,610.00+ so far from over 97,135 donations on his JustGiving page for the Teenage Cancer Trust thanks to the generosity of the public. His story has inspired probably thousands of people and his positivity and determination is incredible for the condition he has.

    You can check out his facebook page to follow his story.

    If you have a few spare minutes, please watch this. He explains so much better than I could. :)

    If you feel like donating, you can do so on the Justgiving page!