Stellar Island

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  1. Establishing a base on smp3 in frontier wilderness.

    Name is Stellar Island, the following are currently members there:

    Blackstone71: Base Owner
    Ahksel : Co Owner

    Current members:

    • Xavier_235
    • Stellar_69
    • Swerve693
    • Wookiecry
    • Starrock13

    • ArtemisV
    • Weeh666
    • MrSocks75
    • LuckyGreenBird
    • BloodRa1n
    • Aphaea
    • Chaosprincew
    • Mommapraise
    Other members to be added as time goes by. However not currently accepting any applications for membership to the Island.

    Objective : Building a small community on the Island, nice peaceful and relaxing place to retreat and have fun building, spending time with friends.