Steampunk Nations [RPG]

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  1. I've had a recent obsession over Steampunk, as explained by my skin, so I decided to make an EMC RPG for it :D Here you go!

    _____________STEAMPUNK NATIONS_______________

    The lands of Steampunk were once filled with miners, lumberjacks, butterflies, sunshine and civilians.
    They were all under control by one man, king derp.
    King Derp was a Clockwork King.
    One day the civilians had an uprising against him, but he won.
    He scattered the civilians and the lumberjacks and the miners into seperate nations, and when he died, there was no more king to keep things under control.

    So now the civilians, lumberjacks and miners were all control hungry, and they were going to wage war on other nations. But they form allies, build weapons, and recruit sometimes.

    But there is no sunshine and there are no butterflies. There is just one thing:
    Steampunk machines.

    Building a gun: Lasts 10 minutes
    Forming allies: Lasts as long as it takes for the other nation to reply
    Recruitment: Lasts 20 minutes

    None planned yet, but all will take place on an EMC server.

    Creating a nation:
    To create a nation all you need is a starter civilian population (which is supplied) and a starter military population (which is supplied). Then you just need to choose what state your nation is in.
    Here's the form:

    Nation name:
    Population: 50k
    Military: 20k
    Nation's state: (Poverty, recovery from civil war)

    Once you have atleast 1 allied nation and have fought in 10 wars then you can move up to iron status. Then once you have fought in 20 wars you can move up to Gold status, and once you have fought in 30 wars you can move up to redstone status. Fighting in 40 wars gives you Diamond status.

    Also, when you ally nations yours and the others military and civilian population will merge. So Nation 1's civilian population is 50k and Nation 2' is 50k you will end up with 100k civilians.
    Get it? Good.

    No killing off other players.

  2. Nation name: Soulvania
    Population: 50k
    Military: 20k
    Nation's state: Recovery from civil war.
  3. Guys whoever hates below me has issues
    but really maybe he wants to do his own version and such
  4. This is nothing like my game. You can still have it. :)
  5. oh srry for accusing.
  6. Nation name:Chassyland :p
    Population: 50k
    Military: 20k
    Estatus: Poverty
  7. Soulvania invented the computer chip.
  8. Chassyland starts researching for a powerful SMG.
    Chassyland starts researching for a new building system.
  9. Soulvania invented the first computer using steamworks and their computer chip. They also bought a new mineshaft.