Steam winter sale!

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  1. As many of my fellow gamers here know, there is a massive sale on the steam store that goes on every winter. Lots of big titles get huge discounts (already bought CS:GO finally for 50% off). Anyone have some suggested games to snatch while they are super cheap?

    I would say that you should get CS:GO and Civ beyond earth while they are on sale.
  2. I just bought Dishonored (5$), Bioshock Infinite (7.50$), and Undertale (8$). Also matt got CS:GO. So far I can highly recommend Dishonored for super fun stealth gameplay.
  3. 2 of these were to gain some profit and 1 is for playing... (More to come, hopefully)

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  4. Found this gem on sale yesterday:

    The shop was a bit uh messed up.
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  5. I don't know anyone that wants the first two games. I bought 3 copies of Hercules just to give them out, I don't know a single person that would pay for it. I assume you bought those because they were $0.14.
    Team Fortress 2 originally costed money. I'm not sure why it's still there though.

    As for me, I've bought (so far)
    Tomb Raider
    Super Meat Boy
    Battleblock Theater
    Castle Crashers
  6. I just bought Portal 2 and a HyperBeast Awp thats worth 50 bucks
    Im so annoyed that I bought skyrim for 20 a few weeks ago, and no its only 5 >_<
    Is dishonored really worth it?
  7. I just brought Reign of kings, Hurtworld, And today I got some money so I'm planning to buy GTA V
  8. Ah CSGO skins, no better way to throw your money in a fire lol
  9. What I got so far:
    Super Meat Boy
    The Stanley Parable
    To The Moon
    Counter Strike: Source
  10. apparently the awp skin I bought is the 3rd most battle scared in the world, worth over 100 dollars xD

  11. Yeah...Note the last 2 games being I am a hipster. Hack RUN and Papers Please I really want, But I can mostly hold on ARK, but whatever, if I am lucky and I get steam cards and tender money then this will all be in my future, and maybe another infamous alt of me :3
  12. Humble Bundle costs $1 and currently includes Tomb Raider I, II, and III, among other things.
  13. Pics or it doesn't exist
  14. CSGO is worth it
    very very very worth it
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    I played 30 minutes and got very very bored.

    On a side note, I just bought Chivalry.
  16. Its only boring if you dont know how to play it
    best fps in my opinion
    also chivalry is pretty cool, want to play?
    ps. thanks for the mail present
  17. Contraption Maker is a Rube Goldberg style game where you build a complex machine to complete something. I'd check it out.

    They are selling 2 copies of it for $1.04. Would anybody be willing to go in with me to buy it? Each of us gets one copy for 52 cents each?