Steam Trading Cards 1:1

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  1. Hey everyone!
    I've been collecting Steam Trading Cards for quite a while now and am having quite a bit of trouble tracking down the cards to complete my sets... So I thought "Hey let's ask the EMC Community!" so I am... This thread isn't just for trades with me it's for anyone!
    If you're looking for cards or have spares to trade just post so in this thread. Come on guys let's work together to increase our Steam levels!!!
    If you would like to trade with someone just quote their post and say you would like to trade with them. Then you just need to arrange a way of letting each other know your Steam names...
    Once your post is no longer valid it would be nice if you edited it to say it's no longer valid or delete it or something like that to keep the thread clean :)

    Please use the format below to make things easy for everyone to understand.
    *Game - Card
    *Game - Card

    *Game - Card
    *Game - Card

    Anyways I think you all get the idea any questions just post them below :D
  2. Steam ID: Stads

    *Don't Starve - Wendy
    *Ace of Spades - The Zombie
    *Steam Summer Getaway - Chivalry: Medieval Warfare

    *Don't Starve - Maxwell
    *Don't Starve - Wolfgang

    *Prison Architect - Chow
    *Prison Architect - Fight
    *Prison Architect - Family
    *Prison Architect - Workout

    *Borderlands 2 - ZER0
    *Borderlands 2 - Axton
    *Borderlands 2 - Maya
    *Borderlands 2 - Gaige

    *Tropico 4 - Ambassador Crane
    *Tropico 4 - General Rodriguez
    *Tropico 4 - Keith Preston
    *Tropico 4 - Marco Moreno
    *Tropico 4 - Miss Pineapple
    *Tropico 4 - Senator Nick Richards

    *Surgeon Simulator 2013 - Ham Fisted
    *Surgeon Simulator 2013 - I Heart You
    *Surgeon Simulator 2013 - Meat Scarf
    *Surgeon Simulator 2013 - My Pretty
    *Surgeon Simulator 2013 - Socking It To Ya
    *Surgeon Simulator 2013 - Tooled Up
    *Surgeon Simulator 2013 - Trisha?

    *Ace of Spades - The Commando
    *Ace of Spades - The Engineer
    *Ace of Spades - The Gangster
    *Ace of Spades - The Marksman
    *Ace of Spades - The Miner

    *Scribblenauts Unlimited - Barrel of Monkeys
    *Scribblenauts Unlimited - Frog Costume
    *Scribblenauts Unlimited - Maxwell
    *Scribblenauts Unlimited - Notebook
    *Scribblenauts Unlimited - Poison Apple
    *Scribblenauts Unlimited - You're My Rock

    *Garry's Mod - Face Posing
    *Garry's Mod - Invasion
    *Garry's Mod - Physgun
    *Garry's Mod - Thrusters
    *Garry's Mod - Spammer
    *Garry's Mod - Melon Racer
    *Garry's Mod - Missing Textures
    *Garry's Mod - Trouble in Terrorist Town