[STEAM TEAM] WarZ (Infestation Survivor stories)

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by MaximusCR, Jun 30, 2013.

  1. I need a team of people to help me... Remove my friends by killing them and getting thier stuff. They did this to me and said it wasnt them, it was and I need revenge, any bandits willing to help would be great.
  2. I do own this game, but i have given up because:
    I have not found a SINGLE weapon to defend myself with
  3. make a great shop and put prices below everyone elses.
  4. Did you even read the OP???
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  5. Sorry for not putting in same post but I can help you with that, what timezone you in and are you willin g to talk in steam chat if you nearish europe time/can be on in eourope time 4-9ish
  6. opps lol the stuff below it i thought you needed help on making a shop :oops:
  7. I'm in central, and yes, i am willing to talk in steam chat. I'll need 2 weeks because i'll be going to batesville Texas for a missions trip, and there is NO internet there! :eek:
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  8. Are you still doing this? I have the game and just get tired of roaming around by myself.
  9. Yeahhhh buddy! Im gonna PM you about summin I found on the web that can help us PvP, what timezone you on?
  10. EST
  11. Well if you're on at this time we can play
  12. I won't be till 9 PM EST :/
  13. Bumping for the PM :p