Steam Summer Sale is on.

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  1. Just letting you guys know. There will be new deals everyday. It ends July 22, and the deals are crazy. I just bought the valve complete pack for 50$.:)
  2. ik i bought some items for 20 dollers
  3. I just picked up Portal 2 for 4.99 and Bastion for 3.74.
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  4. Steam sales make me feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside ^_^
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  5. Don't they though. :D
  6. Oh dont get me started about fuzziness......
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  7. I saw that, and nearly dropped my laptop.
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  8. Fuzziness hum? So I should check out this "Steam"?
  9. What?? You don't know what Steam is??
  10. LOl no. It is on my list of things to Google :)

    The Portal 2 post above got my attention.

    (edit) so if I bought that $50 pack I get all of those games? wow. Minecraft and FSX are the only games I've played on a pc. Are they easy to download? It is uncharted waters for me.
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  11. Steam was started by Valve. It is the best place to download PC games from.
  12. It is like the platform for PC gaming. haha.
  13. It's one of the best games I've ever played - and I've played a lot. It's not mega-huge; you get through the whole thing in, like, 20 hours or something. But boy, is it a trip! In fact... I might have to do it all over again now!
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  14. I did like Portal 1. I use to be an X-box guy, but am slowly making the step to PC gaming. I'm not sure how I would handle the controls. Unless the keys become second nature like MC.
  15. So great! I got a few games too:
    • ANNO 2070- $29.99
    • Sanctum- $2.50
    I've got tons of other games too but they're from previous sales...
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