[Steam] Summer Sale has begun!

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by SpaceShuttleFan, Jul 11, 2013.

  1. Title says it all... Is anybody planning on buying some games? I might try to get GMod and Half-Life (1) - but I missed the 75% off discount. I couldn't get enough trading cards to sell on the Community Market. :(
  2. GTA 4 for $10 :D
  3. Aw yis.

    Time to get my list so hoght that it expends longer than my screen. :D
  4. If only State of Decay was released on PC yet :(
  5. everyone vote for borderlands 2 to be 66% off so i can get it!
    curse you steam you are torturing me with your sales making me wish I had more steam money!
  6. I hope that The Walking Dead: 400 Days will go on sale, but I doubt that it will. Right now Antichamber and Don't Starve are both taunting me. I am going to try to not spend too much money.
  7. but you got it for free, why buy it? :p
  8. Yay! Hopefully I can cash in on some sweet deals and earn a shiny new badge :D
  9. I plan to buy some games from this sale :p
  10. GRID / GRID 2 & Dark Souls: Prepare to die Edition (&Call of Juariez: Gunslinger (Maybe)) & G-Mod & Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box.

    And I'll see what the sale will bring tomorrow xD
  11. i cant stop watching gaben.tv
  12. I installed too many mods, I wanna do a reinstall.
  13. I just spent over 60 USD on 4 games. Instead of one game for 60.

    That is pretty good.

    All I need now is Dishonored for 66% off.
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  14. no what we need is borderlands 2 66% off
  15. Screw the sale, you can make Scouts FLY in TF2 with the new update. They made it so the Winger (A Scout pistol) gives you a 25% jump boost when deployed, and the ShortStop (Scout primary) makes you take more knockback from weapons that do knockback, so the ShortStop, Winger, and The Atomizer (Scout bat, gives you a third jump) and you have a flying Scout!
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  16. I already got that game for free.
  17. and borderlands 2 won the vote I always get what i want
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  18. Found this...

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  19. I might have just picked up Antichamber, 400 Days, Mark of the Ninja, and To the Moon. I still regret not getting Don't Starve; here's hoping that it goes on sale again.
  20. All I've gotten so far is skyrim: legendary for 35