Steam Powered Boat At 8414

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  1. A steam powered boat that can be walked through
    which will include
    • kitchen
    • deck
    • control room
    • engine room
    • cabins
    • ball room
  2. So it's kinda small? You should see the ship SouthWest of spawn on SMP6. THAT is a boat.
  3. He hasnt even said how big it is ...
  4. Well, six rooms is pretty small. The ballroom is probably 2.5 rooms worth, and supposing there are 3 cabins, that makes nine and a half rooms. Still pretty small.
  5. You dont even know how big those rooms are... why am I even argue about that never mind ... ~.~
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  6. no he's right its not tht big i would make it bigger but if i did im afraid it would look funny plus i need a bigger plot
  7. but also i'm making the rooms as big as possible
  8. the whole plot is being turned into "water" which is why i need so much blue wool :p
  9. Please use edit if you think to add something to your previous post.
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  10. HATERS GONNA.....You know what? I'm not in the mood right now.....Sleeps in Trollface bed*
  11. ok :p srry im kinda new to using the forums
  12. Why don't you just put actual water (it looks more realistic :p)
  13. i probably will eventually but for now i want to get the boat done
  14. You'll probably find it quicker to use real water, than dying and shearing enough sheep for a whole plot. You know you only need only need to start with 2 buckets of water, and use the "water duplication" 'feature' its really fast...