Steam Names

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by Asasurd, Oct 27, 2011.

  1. If anyone fancys hooking up as a group on steam post your name below.
    Mine is, Asasurd
  2. Malicaii... Not that it matters, as I have NO online enabled games (That I play).
  3. None at all?!? TF2 and loads others are free.
  4. I downloaded TF2 but I dunno whether I'll bother with it.. I've not even played it yet. I have too many other games I'm addicted to...
  5. Is there a non-official Empire Minecraft group, and my name is Joshhsoj0 (last character is zero.)
  6. mine is the same as my forum name :)
  7. Mine is greekgeek360
  8. I'd never have guessed you used steam. ;)
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  9. Mine is the same as my name here and on every other site.
  10. Yeah well Black Ops for PC changes you…
  11. my name on steam is elevant79 :D Everyone who wants can add me :D
  12. My name is willibald15 Feel free to add me ;)
  13. bloodhalk (I might be like who the hell this is just say your from EMC)
  14. Obsidian Reaper is mine
  15. XxMR2R2MxX
  16. mine is flyingarticles
  17. Mine is the same as my forum name
  18. Jonahboy - thats me, though my real name is Martin...