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  1. Hello wonderful people of the world! I recently got a new computer and now I can play anything I want, so I was talking to fluff a little bit about this idea and wanted to get your guy's input on it! How would you guys feel about getting a bunch of people to play a game (i.e. The Hidden, TTT (Trouble in Terrorist Town), Tribes: Ascend, Alien Swarm) have a bunch of people to record and then have a great time! Recording is just an option but I thought it would be kinda cool to record.

    Maybe, ICC willing, he could upload it to OBAMgaming account or whatever it is called. Well there is my idea feel free to make suggestions!
  2. Could give the EMC Steam group a new leash of life. ;)
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  3. Indeed it could! Which is one thing I was going for due to the fact that it seems dead, haha.
  4. Another game suggestion is Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army but that is only 4 player co-op. Your guys feedback is appreciated!
  5. When i get my new PC i will definitely be interested in this! I will be able to play so many more games than i can now!
  6. Planetside 2 could have about everyone playing at once.
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  7. I used to hate Planetside 2 >.> Now i'm addicted to it even if it is laggy as hell... Been focusing on older games recently though. For one, i've been playing Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis recently - a game I haven't picked up since September. And just because Simcity 5 came out almost a week ago, i've been playing the original SimCity too :p
  8. That could work!
  9. I only play Killing Floor these days. Nothing like a zombie shooter with a bunch of crazy cockneys whining about their need for "dosh" while calling you a "gormless tosser" next to who Wayne Rooney seems smarter :D

    Alien Swarm is also really nice; and above all, it's free.