Steam and Call of Duty: Black Ops

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by fluffinator09, Oct 26, 2011.

  1. I was just wondering how many of you play on steam and play Black ops. I am a big fan of this game, but not very good at it so I was wondering if anyone out there could help me. Not to put anything down on Battlefield I love that series! in fact the PC 1942 anthology got me started on fps.! :D
  2. LOL....this is minecraft fluff....why did you make a hole new thread just for black ops on steam????? Just put it in your red wolf thread or something...
  3. There is a section for other games you know.
  4. Whatever....stick to Minecraft here......
  5. The point of the other Gaming thread like this one is to discuss games that aren't Minecraft. :)
  6. Ok Jeremy...sorry...I new's a joke(if fluff remembers it) that I came up with at his house(IRL).
  7. Lol that was a funny one :) oh wait I don't remember it :l
  8. probably don't remember it becuase you were to busy installing mods. Note: He does not use these on EMC. He uses them for steam:black ops. This is a true statement.
  9. Hey! I use steam and I play black ops as well. I am not that good and just started, I think I'm level 18. can't really remember, but we should play together sometimes!