Statues for Your Minecraft Skin!

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  1. A week or two ago a friend on EMC showed me how he built his skin way up in the air. I thought to myself that it would be cool to do that myself and so I built my skin(a ninja) behind a creeper head to represent my name. "Creepin Creepers". I really had lots of fun making it so decide I wanted to do for other people as a business. If you would like to see my statues go to 14692 on smp7 and it will spawn in front of some teleporters. Go to the one that says "Statues" on top and step on the plate, then look up and to your left, although you may need to go to your left or right for a good look at the creeper head(which needs some touch-ups anyway). Details:

    What?: I am building Skin Statues for others with the cost being materials plus 50r in labor
    Who?: Me. I am currently the only one in this business.
    When?: From the time you PM me on EMC and after I say I'm starting on your statue it should take anywhere from 1-3 days depending on the difficultly(how many colors/color changes/color patterns).
    Where?: I'm doing this on every server expect smp3. Sorry smp3 people :(
    Why?: Did you read the beginning of the post? :)
    How?: I usually first build it in creative(using and as references) to get an idea first and to find the wool I need for it. Then I'll need build and container flags so I'm able to build and place the wool I need in a chest so don't have to run back and forth for wool. :)

    Please PM me and title the conversation: *your name* Skin Statue

    Also please know this may or may not end up popular so please don't rush me as I'm only one person and can't do this EXTREMELY fast as it is a process :)

    Bye! :)
  2. Why Not SMP3???
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  3. Good question... I'm really, really far out in the wild... I didn't intend on coming back much.
    PM If you are on 3 and I'll consider it.
  4. Roblikescake originally did this for me a long time ago.. I think he got busy with other stuff so he stopped doing it :p... I have 4 statues surrounding my store :D
  5. I would like a statue how big is it?
  6. If I remember right, the legs and torso of your skin are 12 blocks, with 8 for the head, so if he uses your skin with a 1:1 ratio your statue would be 32 blocks high.
  7. PM me if you want a statue :)
  8. Pab's right its 32 high and the arms are 24 wide the torso and legs are 16 wide :)
  9. you do a good job
  10. Thank you :)
  11. hay can i have a 2ed statue on my utopia res?
  12. Sure but you have to pay again. PM me :)
  13. If you still want one PM me.
  14. ok but tomao i got to go to bed
    :eek:<---- yawning
  15. Uhhh I might seem stupid saying this but what do you mean PM?
    I want one but I don't understand. Derp :)
  16. Meaning to start a private conversation by hovering over inbox, then clicking Start a New Conversation. :)
  17. Oh thx that's very helpful. I want one but not right now. Thx
  18. There was this German Minecraft server project dubbed 'We Are Minecraft' were a lot of people built skins and they showed it to Mojang and staff. Its over now. Its been over for 3 months I think but there were over 50,000 skins though it was pretty cool. Anyways, nice idea
  19. My skin is on there!!!!!!
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  20. s
    same :D