Starting new wild living clan

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Michael_Nolan, Mar 22, 2012.

  1. sorry its not going to work the clan has died before it started
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  2. EMC for like 2 month.
    Mining and Mob Killing
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  3. how long have u been with emc: about 10 days +/-

    what do u like to do best: building, gathering, ranching
    have u ever been banned: never on this server, once by accident on another
    have u ever lived in the wild: the other server is Survival PVP, I like survival, not so much the PVP
    where is ur main house at: SMP5

    ~~ would be nice if we could find a village to start off from ~~
  4. sorry maybe in a little bit looking for members that are more experienced with emc
  5. welcome to E.W.L also like ur res on smp6 i will post when we will leave and where to go
  6. your loss...
  7. What is the aim of EWL? Make something like a village in the wild or do you have to share your things with your clan?
  8. Ok I am in UK so I will be on tonight until like 12PM or Midnight will we leave tonight?
  9. living in the great wild u dont have to share ur items but every one will have to do something
  10. its 3:24 pm where i live in the usa est
  11. Oh actually I updated to 1.2.4 so I can't yet unless someone sends me one.
  12. we wont be leaving today
  13. About 3 months
    Building and mobkilling
    Never on any server
    Yes, also on EMC