Starting New Series: For EMC Events!

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  1. Hello EMC, I am currently working on a new series for the EMC events that will be live and some other fun things to do while on EMC. I may move on to play on different servers as well but it will mainly be on EMC. The only questions I have right now is what do you want me to stream and does anyone know if Beam costs money to stream on. If I have to pay for Beam then I most likely will not do it. But here is my account and I would like to thank JackBiggin for inspiring me to do this :)
  2. Good luck! Hopefully it works out for you.

    Regarding this question, no, Beam is completely free. :)
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  3. Thank you :)
  4. I will stream today at the Mob Arena! I will also be giving away a few goodies...Not meaning to giveaway the main prize but snowball fights sure are hard having to make so many snowballs with one shovel... wouldn't it be easier with one that never runs out?
  5. Sounds cool :)
    I'll watch if I can :D
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