Starting a blacksmith Shop

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Who would come to my store

yes i would 5 vote(s) 45.5%
no i wouldnt 1 vote(s) 9.1%
sometime... every once and a while 5 vote(s) 45.5%
  1. I'm on smp4... i was thinking of starting a blacksmith shop but i wanted to see how many people would use it
    Please answer the question below so i don't waste my time or money
  2. Please answer the question above:);)
  3. Personally I'm not going to just vote, and give you my opinion on a 3 way answer.

    Simply create what you're aiming for, and see how it works. I'm not saying asking if others will go is a bad thing, but I'm just trying to state that you doing what you want anyways is better than doing what others want.

    And by a blacksmith shop, what do you exactly mean in general anyways.

    Are you going to have all types of armor, and other materials that are made out of gems and ore?
  4. yeah armor ,tools, combat stuff, gems, and materials to make stuff with
  5. I'd go there all the time if it was cheap.
  6. k it would probably be like 10r for a iron spade 12r for a iron sword
  7. 10r for a spade that requires 3r of iron to craft.. Yeah I wouldn't shop there.
  8. Bit rude, honestly. :/

    When you get the shop finished, I would definitely take a look. I do need some diamond picks if you plan on selling them. ;)
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  9. enchanted items??
  10. Discouragement, I wonder if war is more deadly.
  11. I'd buy diamond and enchanted at the right price
  12. I'll only suggest that you learn how the economy works on all of the SMP servers, and just get to know prices pretty well.

    The way someone stated earlier that 10 rupees was a bit to much for an Iron Spade, was kind of true.

    Just always think about when you're pricing your items, think of the value of the other materials that you used to create the tools, armor and anything else you wish to sell.

    But for example, an Iron spade,

    1 Iron Ingot & 2 Sticks, so lets just break it down all the way.

    1 Wood Log, would give you 4 Wood Planks, and that would give you 8 Sticks. So if you planned on selling Iron Spades for example, you could make generally, 4 Iron Spades with 1 Wood Log & 4 Iron Ingots. I'm going to give you values that I'm aware of, and okay with paying on such items if I needed them.

    1 Iron Ingot is generally, 3 to 5 rupees each, and I like 4 rupees per Ingot.
    1 Wood Log is generally, 1 to 3 rupees each, and I like 2 rupees per Log.

    So those are general prices I believe, and if you go by the example above, that's around .5 rupees or half a rupee for 2 Sticks. So if you're going to sell an Iron Spade, I'd personally value that at around, roughly to be friendly, 6 to 7 rupees. That's for the materials and because you made it, maybe give yourself a rupee or two, over the "natural" value of the materials used in the first place.

    Sorry for the wall of text, but hope this helps give you an idea of how to value your items. :p
  13. smp5 has the mob arena so people on that server would look for some quick cheap armor and weapons right before the arena started thats my advice
  14. It's the truth, you aren't getting anywhere if you sell apples IRL for $20 each and people tell you it's a nice deal. You have to be honest and say what you think of a something so they have a better idea of what their potential customers will be.
  15. It's not that you're wrong for informing the man on his prices being a bit to high. It's just that you simply said something that wasn't needed to get your point across.

    I don't know if that makes sense to you, but it does to me. Just simply telling him that his prices are a bit high, should basically tell himself "Oh, maybe I should consider lowering my prices." or something like that.

    You didn't say something really harsh, just something that wasn't needed is all. :p

    I think this is basically how people viewed what you said.

    Also, if you read what he said clearly, he states that he'd probably sell those items for those prices as well.

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