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    *calms down*

    If you couldn't tell, Borderlands The Pre-Sequel is coming out soon (October 14), and I'm REALLY excited
    I pre-ordered the game (cause apparently I have that kind of money) and I've basically chosen what characters to use in games... (Nisha/Wilhelm for Singleplayer, Claptrap for Multiplayer)


    If you don't know what Borderlands is, SHAME ON YOU
    No but seriously, it's a good game


    The game introduces 4 characters.

    Athena is The Gladiator. Her skill allows her to use her shield to block attacks, then, throw it like Captain America's shield (but it doesn't always come back).

    Claptrap is "The Fragtrap" (no, I don't know what that means either). His skill allows him to play the lottery. No, seriously. He randomizes between about 5 quadrillion³ Abilities. Some of them being something actually relatively useful, such as "Funzerker" which is basically the ability of the Gunzerker from Borderlands 2 (Which is to dual wield any two weapons, even 2 RPGs if you wanted to) but he also has strange skills (which i suppose could be useful as well, if you want to make your enemies die laughing) Such as creating a disco ball that shoots lasers.
    Oh, did I mention he can climb stairs? Also he doesn't suffocate, which is useful

    Wilhem is The Enforcer. His skill creates two robots, Wolf and Saint. Wolf attacks enemies, while Saint stays behind and heals you and your group. He is a boss character from Borderlands 2, and one of his skill trees actually focuses on turning him into the feared cyborg that we knew him as.

    Nisha is The Lawbringer. Nisha's skill is aimbot. 'Nuff said. No, it's actually aimbot. You just have to move your mouse a little bit, click, and that one guy over there just lost his head. Ooh, now that guy has no eyeballs. Oh hey, I just blew that robot's eye out!

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  2. Still sticking to my BL2 Game of the Year Edition...
  3. There has been a sufficient amount of "I want to play this" from me.
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  4. It's going to be like the new pokeman game, uses the new engine,but with added stuff...
  5. All that means to me is I don't have to buy a new console or PC to play it.

    I'm okay with that.
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  6. This is just going to be like the Arkham Origins of the Borderlands series.
  7. Somewhat...
  8. I like Borderlands and Borderlands 2, and I want to play this game... but what's the point?

    The title is trying to hard, and wouldn't a prequel to Borderlands 2 be the original game? Why can't they just focus all of their development power on a well-done Borderlands 3? Saying that, though, i'm glad for the change of setting. If they ever do get around to making a Borderlands 3, I hope they abandon Pandora completely and move onto another planet.
  9. So many games to buy, so little cash. Guess I'll be waiting for the Thanksgiving or Holiday sale...
  10. Pre-Sequel is like an interquel, so not BL1. As for why they don't just work on BL3, the Pre-Sequel was made almost entirely by a team that was doing nothing before they started working on it.

    They were told to make something on the BL2 engine that couldn't just be another DLC. This doesn't impact the development of BL3 at all.
  11. 1 this takes place between borderlands 1 and 2 (also before cl4tp-stewardbots product line was closed)

    2 borderlands 2 WILL take place on another planet, solar system even (the ending is proof of that.)

    3the setting isn't that different they are just showing practically a similar storyline with new characters and a somewhat different plot.
  12. just going to address your points...
    1. This is true
    2. (i'm assuming you mean borderlands 3) BL3 hasn't even been confirmed, however the ending of BL2 has shown that it WILL probably be either located on another planet/moon, OR be located on MANY planets/moons.
    3. The setting is actually surprisingly different, because moons look a lot different than planets (I've seen some game footage, it looks a lot more space-y) and the plot is also different. BL2's plot is more dystopian and about trying to take down Jack and Hyperion, while BL:pS is about Jack's rise to power, and is therefore much less dystopian due to the fact that all the things Jack's done to Pandora haven't happened yet.
  13. #ResumeGameHype
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  14. Pre-sequel , prequel of BL2, events of how Jack came to power. Sequel, to the first BL. Just cause it's called BL2 doesn't mean it's a sequel to the first game.

    But anyway, hopefully I can get this game on pre-order asap to get the shock drop slaughter pit, since the slaughter dome from pre-ordering BL2 was fun :D
  15. Omg omg omg omg omg I have pre ordered the game also. Two copies actually, so that I can play online with my bro. I cannot WAIT for this to come out. Its going to be awesome
  16. BL2 is in the same universe, same world, with the main characters of Borderlands appearing. So yes, it is a sequel. I also know exactly what the pre-sequel is intended to be, so I didn't really need that explaining.