Star Wars

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  1. Anyone getting The Old Republic?

    I used to be a heavy Guild Wars player so I think I will enjoy this game just as much!
  2. Im playing :p even got a guild
  3. I'm already playing on european PVE server "Luka Sene". Name's also "Fynriel".
  4. Ah, I'm playing on the European PvP Ahto City! My character name on there is Tom :)
  5. I've seen several gameplay videos from the pre-release version, and it looks pretty epic. I'm covering all my bases though, and waiting until SWTOR has a free trial released so that I may try the game hands-on for myself without wasting any money to do so. Granted, it may take about a month or so, but that'll probably be enough time until I'm able to afford the game.
  6. Eh i've heard and seen it but aparently its running out of new content
  7. Care to explain?

    The game hasn't even come out yet and your saying it's running out of new content?
  8. Oh sorry i was thinking about another star wars mmo
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