Star Wars: The Old Republic

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by nerone94, Jun 16, 2012.

  1. I just bought this game. anyone play it, and mind teaching a WoW convert the ropes?
  2. I play it, not much atm though( waiting for 1.3 update for it to come out).
  3. two popular games both having a 1.3 update?
  4. Which should be pretty soon. Hooray for a LFG feature!
  5. Well its more how with Legacy unlocks, I won't have to do every single side quest to stay on level with my alts. Which I want to get ready for raiding, but I've done most of the quests a few times now...
  6. Well, Im not that far yet, so it doesnt effect me as much. But I do see how high levels could really be looking forward to that. I remember when they began tweaking legacy in WoW.