Standard Price For Diamonds?

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  1. Hello EMC :D,

    I have been wondering, what is the regular price for diamonds right now? I believe it is around
    55r - 62r a piece but im wondering what u guys think. If I see diamonds for a price lower then that they are constantlt out of stock. even shops selling for my price range seem to be out of stock often. So yeah what do u think is the standard price for diamonds?
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  2. I see 35r diamonds in stock alot but thats on smp3 where every thing organic is overpriced and ores are cheap
    but most sell around 45-55r
  3. Small shops sell diamonds between 30 and 40 r, but get sold out quickly. Bigger shops go around 50-55, but the lowest I've seen in a big shop is 45.
  4. 45-55 is the best prices for diamonds, if you want anyone to buy, dont top that, but if you want everyone to buy go a bit lower :) ~FDNY21
  5. Yeah i guess it varies between servers :/
    Yeah i go to 4005, 413, m4nic_m1ner, 405, randomzh, and 1002 and they all sell 55 - 70r.
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  6. 70r diamonds? Booooooo......... :p
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  7. porphyrian and I sell them for 35r a piece
  8. Where is that :O

    Uhm most diamonds are 49-52r as far as I see, and plenty are in stock :)
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  9. nope, i visit all major megamalls and they sell over 55r atleast and they arent in stock.
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  10. yup, shavingfoam and randomzh :p
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  11. thats because major megamalls are hard to stock, most diamonds i see are 45-55r that are in stock, in lots of kinds of stores :)
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  12. 413 is like, never out of diamonds in the 53-54 range.
  13. even smaller shops like randomzh, manic_m1ner, aerokill, etc.
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  14. well it is today haro.
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  15. Bump! need more opinions :)
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