Stained Clay

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Sauvey, Feb 23, 2014.

  1. I love stained clay, in fact it's my second favorite building block in the game, bested only by quartz.
    So my question is, why is such a versatile and useful building block rarely ever used in build on EMC?
    I mean, sure some people use it but I only see once in a blue moon on these wonderful servers. I would like to hear your opinions on this, thanks for reading :D
  2. Fairly new compared to other blocks; another reason is that many of the blocks are a dull or sickly colors, except for notable exceptions like the ones found in a mesa. Just my thoughts. I have nothing against it, though, and have big plans for a stained clay build.
  3. Check my res, with your block preference you may like it. Although it was built just recently.
  4. I have not yet seen a need to rebuild my res with new blocks. My res is composed mainly of wood, stonebrick and netherbrick. Guess I am old school that way. Can't say I wouldn't rebuild it at somepoint in the future.
    Of coures there is my other res which has a partially finished sandstone goliath which may never get finished or whatever. Sorry allengero. :p

  5. I absolutely love the possibilities that the new colours bring to minecraft. It was lacking those beautiful faded pastel colours in its palette. :D I have to agree that I quite like the white and light grey stained clay from mesa biomes, but the blueish ones look quite good too. The only disadvantage that I can think of with clay is the lack of texture, so big clay walls may look boring. But sometimes a smooth look is needed too. :)
    I really needed those colours though when I was doing pixel art about a year ago lol.