Stained clay...

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  1. Here is a screenshot of the stained clay. Just thought I would share, especially for those like myself who constantly improve their crib. :D 2013-06-27_06.01.42.png
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  2. Looks cool! I'm so excited for the new update.

    What's that block you're holding?
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  3. Coal block
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  4. Nice! Makes me more excited for the update! :D
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  5. WAT??? Coal BLOCK?????
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  6. Yeah coal block
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  7. Yup a coal block. There is also hay bales. I been playing single player with the new's awesome!
  8. My Hourse Keep killing it self in the wall :p
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  9. Mine would face whatever I was building(corral), and ram into it. Strange. My horse was on some meds maybe.
  10. Horses are 2*2 blocks. So make a pen around 4*4 so the wont suffocate in the wall.
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  11. So this makes me wonder, if we can stain clay, can we eventually smelt colored bricks? :O
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  12. I can't wait for the main release of 1.6
    I hope we can stain glass too eventually
    so even the lighting of the room would change to the colors of the glass with light passing through it.
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  13. My Hourse Is Drunk.
  14. Genius! You would be Awesome! :p
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