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Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by Epic_Santa, Jun 18, 2012.

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  1. i have gotten banned for having pedobear as my default minecraft skin, i have changed my skin and pm several staffs but none responded so i was wondering if any staff member reads this can they unban me?
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  3. i cant do that im on ipad
  4. Only way you can do it, PM a mod, preferably the mod that banned you.
  5. i dont have any clue who is the mod who banned me
  6. beside i have post some threats on some of the staffs wall they have not resonded
  7. Obviously thats not the reason you got banned for I have a pedobear skin too with outout the hoodie on and have used for a while now.
  8. what??? it did say i have gotten banned for having a offensive skin -.- and my skin is pedo bear
  9. Go to and click on one of the MODERATOR's profile pages and start a conversation with them.

    Or click Inbox at the top, then start a new conversation and put in the moderators name. For example, iSmooch, Aikar, Maxarias, GameKribJim are all moderators that could help you.
  10. ok, pm icecreamcow then tell him your situation he should help you
  11. wooah thatz just troll
  12. You are supposed to send them a PM. You have just decreased your chances of an appeal.
  13. It has been said before that you aren't allowed a pedobear skin or avatar.

    Also, don't always go to ICC first. There are other staff who can help you so I suggest you mail one of them.

    Lastly, dragon_bloom, I suggest you change your avatar on the forums. It will help if you don't have pedobear their either.
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  14. May Someone explain who pedo bear is and why he is offensive? Thank You :D
  15. pedo bear is a bear who is pretty popular as a rapist on youtube
  16. icecream cow hasnt respond lately i am sending them pm
  17. and some people find him offensive because of the fact that he's a rapist and this is a sensitive topic.
  18. Oh xP Well, idk if this was an accident, then.
  19. idunno either just got banned for having that skin =/
  20. don't go to the admins first.. Please go to someone else.. maybe an online mod or someone you have seen ingame as a mod.. also trollface and pedo bear dude... reeeaaallly don't help your case for being unbanned.. I would reccomend a nice rainbow or something that isn't offensive
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