Staff vs The World REVIEW

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  1. It took me and ww2fan168 about 20 minutes to get everyone in the group, and once that happened there were still people out there killing others who were chasing the mods. But overall it was really fun and I can't wait for the next one. Dramanya started hunting me individually at one point until she got stuck in a web and just gave up.



    Who did you kill?
  2. I slayed a rainbow. It was really fun in a group. I would say that the vast majority of players were grouped together with only a few lone wolfs. Most of the lone wolfs died quickly though.
  3. Got about 6 staff kills, can't remember all of them... Got Uber last which was one tough fight but no head! Did bag myself a Baradar head though ;)
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  4. We tried to get everyone in the same group, some just refused and wanted to kill other players. :p
  5. Baradar was tough, took a while to kill him
  6. Finally got a staff head: breezyman
  7. Dramanya x1
    Uber_Corq x2
    BreezyMan x2
    crystaldragon13 x1
  8. I killed every mod except RainbowChin and got 0 heads :)
  9. That was a lot of fun. I didn't understand the group thing but got it now. I got Breezy 2 or 3 times but didn't get his head. As this was my first PVP event, it was a lot of fun. I did manage to get 1 staff head. In the heat of PVPing I completely forgot to take screen shots.
  10. Did you get me ?
  11. I think once
  12. Good ! I thought I was hard to kill.
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  13. I got 20 Breezy Heads,
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  14. Was my first time at this event & was killed numerous times! lol Managed to get a couple kills, but no staff kills. I didn't end up in a group, as I never got the invite message. Overall, I had fun though...glad I decided to go & give it a try! :)
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