"Staff" Residence Flag

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  1. Lately people have been having issues for this problem.
    I want someone to have all the flags but not able to give
    other people flags etc. Obviously admin flag doesn't work cause admins on your
    res can give other people flags too. I think a "Staff" flag should
    be added that its all flags and nothing else. Its annoying
    to give someone all flags cause there are so many.
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  2. Maybe there should also be a "SuperAdmin" flag that can also unclaim the res etc.
  3. Seems a little pointless. Just give Admin to people who you know won't give flags to others.
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  4. Yeah.. Why would you consider giving someone full flags to your residence without trusting them not to exploit it?
  5. How about if you knew someone who didn't grief but wasn't good on deciding if someone is legit enough to get flags. Or your just worried if he/she will give flags to someone. Anyways its better to have this flag as an option then not having it.
  6. Like I said - if you can't trust them not to give flags away you shouldn't be giving them the flags to begin with.

    Admin is good enough and we're lucky for having it, we already have way too many flags TBH and we certainly don't need more unless it's a really good reason.
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  7. Your only reason why it's better to have it is because you can't trust people, but as Haro said, why give them the flags if you can't trust them anyway?
  8. Just.... Never Mind
  9. I agree, but in qestion of flag name, this could be 'mod' / 'moderator' flag. :)
  10. You could use this: /res pset [name],[name] [flag],[flag] [t/f/r]
  11. I am hoping to get mess with how flags work a bit soon. Either Thanksgiving week or over my winter break (Completely busy till then). Have some ideas on how to improve it.
  12. Thanks giving passed i thought? OOOH Americian thanks giving =P
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  13. Is this one of them? :D
  14. I think its a good idea but in a way i feel like admin shouldnt be able to give other admins flags out you are right awesomebuilder33
  15. It's better to have something and not need it than to need something and not have it.
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  16. It causes confusion and is almost completely unneeded. I'll point out once again though, that you shouldn't be giving someone flags that you can't trust to abuse anyway.
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  17. Not necessarily. Will be more oriented towards adjusting how the flags work with the goal of this ticket. http://track.empire.us/issue/EMC-53
    Ultimately it is going to take a significant amount of testing; and doing it in such a way which will not break current flags. :) No promises at this point, but need to some testing with the ideas.