[Staff prob should answer] Automatic sign in not working

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by g26curtis, Jul 7, 2013.

  1. So I upgraded from gold supporter to diamond and now the sign in bonus is not automatic

    Is this fixable

    Thanks :)
  2. It comes in at midnight every day.. or is it lieekk not coming at all?
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  3. Daily bonus was giving to you 13 hours ago...
  4. Once midnight hits, you should be able to claim your new sign in bonus!
  5. Ninja'd!
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  6. No I had to sigin it did not give it to me automatically, also it should have givin it to me at midnight today but it did not, as soon as I actually signin I may get it. This is an issue cause I don't want to miss a bonus and I can't lay everyday
  7. You're probably in a different time zone than when the bonuses are given...
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  8. When I was gold I got the bonuses in Eastern standard time which is my time zone, and ever since I was diamond I've actually had to signin it's been doing this for a few days
  9. Maybe get checking your rupee history. It would show you thre.
  10. smp1 - g26curtis +1,300 ->[hidden] - about 20 hours ago - Daily sign-in bonus
    smp4 - g26curtis +1,300 ->[hidden] - a day ago - Daily sign-in bonus
    g26curtis +1,200 ->[hidden] - a day ago - Daily sign-in bonus

    The bonus without a server is one that was given automatically to you. It's working just fine. :)

    If you login, you're credited then. Otherwise, you're credited midnight EMC time.
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  11. I just did and the times are not consistent they are when I actually logged on not at 12am like the old signin bonuses were
  12. I am confused because I should have gotten one at 12am today then and I have not gotten it
  13. You will get your next bonus in 4 hours.
  14. I think it goes like this:

    July 5th 9AM, You log in and collect 1,300r
    July 6th , You don't log in
    July 6th 23:59:59, You collect 1,300r
    July 7th, You log in and collect 1,300r
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  15. So if I don't signin it comes at 12pm not 12am like it used to
  16. No it comes at the last second of the day that you didn't sign in.
  17. Ohh, ok thanks for the info