Staff Meeting On Utopia!(Funny Pics)

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  1. Hey everyone! As you probably know, all the staff (But JackBiggin) were at the Staff Meeting on Utopia. I'd thought for the people who didn't go, get to see some of the funny parts of it. I have some screenshots I thought were funny....especially the end! I would have screenies but its saying the files are too large. Here is what happened in the screenies I could not upload.

    -The Staff went a little crazy with webs.
    -The staff made a train inside and a lot of the staff were riding in minecarts following eachother.
    -ICC blew up Utopia spawn 3 times, each time respawning it, 1 time turning the spawn building into a TNT spawn instead of sandstone spawn and eventually blowing it up.
    -Krysyyjane9191 made a lava moat around the Meeting Room, and placing glass panes around the lava moat, with TNT under the glass panes.

    -At the end, Cow blew up the meeting room, and the rest of spawn.
    -A staff member made a 3x3 hole to bedrock, and named it "Hole of Doom".
    - ISMOOCH made a contest , and the prize of winning is 125k, of who can photoshop Aikar (iCar, EyeCar) in Krysyyjane9191's Red Dragon costume from MineCon.

    I think we can all agree we have the best Staff ever! :D

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  2. EDIT: I got some Real Dragon Poo also :D

  3. I just had to

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  4. I'm going to make an official thread for this contest.
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  5. That is really creepy...
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  6. Lol!
  7. Lol
  8. I was only there for a few minutes, but I got to take a nice swim in the fire lake.
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