Staff Apprectiation.

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  1. Post why you think our staff are the greatest they can be:) throughout the server issues, ICC and Justin have been putting as much effort into fixing the problem as they can. I think it would help bypass time and boost their morale if we posted what we like about them, and all the staff combined:) For me, its great knowing that if i have a problem with anything, i can contact any mod knowing that they will help me not just because its their "job", but also because they love helping our community. You go onto other servers and find rude mods who dont care about much but themselves, you come here and you find that all of the staff have community happiness at the center of their wants/desires. Rarely are they too busy to help us. So basically what i love about the staff is that they all actually care about our community. They all deserve infinite thanks for making this server amazing, especially ICC and Justin for making us such a high priority in their lives:):)

    So, just appreciate how lucky we are to have such amazing staff:)
  2. Moderators and administrators ROCK!
  3. I've started making special sigs for mods that have somehing special about them. (that I know, of course.)
  4. No one else??
  5. A like for you my fine tomato sir ;)
  6. What I appreciate about our staff is that, unlike most other servers our mods actuctally care about what our members think and care about each members experience on the servers. For instance. I was PvP'd in the wild a while back and there were no mods/admins online
    So I logged out and sent Green_Mystery and Aikar a Pm, and within 5 minutes the player who killed me was banned and Green_Mystery got all my stuff I dropped when I died
    (this included my brand new silk touch pick that I still use today)
    Most other servers I have used it took over a day for the culprit to get punished and my stuff was lost :)
    So thank you to ALL staff of EMC for doing such a great job :)
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  7. The staff of emc is amazing and is by far the best staff of any server I have ever played, I would just like to say Thank you, Justinguy, Icecreamcow, Shaunwhite, crazy1080, Greenmystery, Gamekribjim, Nursekilljoy, Ahzrael, Malicaii12, Bigdavie, bob23646, Twitch1, Tikiman678, Faustlauncher, Robbiejo, Ismooch, AndrewBuchinger, d1223m, Barks87, amadai, Edmundwayne and Aikar. Thank you all. [and yes I just listed all the staff members]
  8. I can't remember which one it was, but yesterday, there was a dude yelling *ahem* words in the chat, and another dude's like you're gonna get banned, and he's like "Than ******* ban me you ******!" Suffice to say, he literally asked for it.
  9. Of course we really like you!
  10. I apprectiate Staff.

    You spelled it wrong
  11. I know you just have a admin power to add likes from random members to your posts.
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  12. You seem to have this amazing ability to always be rude, dont you? Dont worry though, you will make it far in life always criticizing peoples efforts at trying to improve the community:)
  13. Also, i typed this on my phone, which has a touchscreen. Its not nearly as easy as typing on a keyboard.
  14. /thread set flame false
    I like staff because they help to keep this game server community free of spammers, cheaters, griefers and horrible people. Yesterday i reported someone for spamming "hey do you like how fast i can type?" and it took longer for me to type "/tell ecli i was reporting him for spam" than for this guy to get banned.
    Epic, just Epic.

    I would like to make a suggestion tho: More stufff on EMC out of the vanilla concept, it's getting kinda boring to see always the same.
  15. Playing on EMC is enjoyable because of the Staff members. They take time out of their personal lives, and do their best to talk with everyone who messages them, even if it's for silly problems like "He killed my cat." or "She threw dirt at me."
    These people are are normal players just like everyone else, yet they're looked at most the time as heroes, simply because they know how to remain calm, even if they're facepalming at us from behind the computer screen.
    Just about everyone on the EMC Staff, I consider my friends. :D
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  16. Woah, dude, okay! I wasn't trying to be rude at all, jeez! I was merely pointing out that you had spelled it wrong and expressed my own fondness for the staff!
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  17. Sorry, my dad has been driving me crazy, and im not watching what im saying:/ my bad, but back on topic!!:) thank you again to all the staff:)