Stack of Notch Apples

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  1. Item: One Stack (64) Notch Apples

    Starting Bid : 150k

    Minimum Bid Increase: 1,000k

    Auction End Time: 24 Hours From Last Valid Bid.

    This is the last stack I will be auctioning. Again I am raising money for future builds to benefit all members of EMC. Thank you guys so much for your participation!
    Peace & Love
    PS When update 1.9 occurs, you will no longer be able to craft these. They will still exist if you have them but you can't make them anymore. :(
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  2. exuse me, but you did the minimum bid increase wrong. it says 1000k which is 1000000
  3. are you bidding or just correcting the post on top?
  4. correcting the post
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  5. coreccting
  6. oh well its 1k bid increase sorry for any mistakes guys
  7. its obviously not 1000k xD its clearly only 1000r :p
  8. anyone like to bid? Still no bids!
    Thanks y'all!
  9. starting bid is 150,000r not 1,500.
  10. Whats so important about them anyways, this isnt a pvp server
  11. We got a town person here!
    jk but in pvp events if you dont have that, you die at the speed of light. Plus, for bosses if you want a no death fight.

    I would suggest lowering the starting bid too.
  12. It is sort of, on smp6 we have PvP arenas. And when 1.9 rolls in at about 5 years time for EMC, no more enchanted golden apple crafting
  13. I am raising funds for my next public build, I started the bid at that amount because as mentioned when 1.9 comes out they are no longer craftable. Also, the price of gold has sky rocketed so they aren't cheap to make at all.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.