Stack of Diamond Blocks! Say WHAT!?

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  1. I have recently 'inherited' a stack of diamond blocks, or 9 stacks of diamond gems. You can convert back and forth between the two, and I am selling these for around 26k. Yes, I am selling it as a lot. Prices are negotiable. If you buy, you can pick the blocks up at 4317 on SMP2
  2. How did you "inherit" a stack of diamond blocks?
  3. I'm suspicious about this...
  4. Same. How DID you get these.
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  5. Guys guys... please stay away from jumping to conclusions. He is a free man as long as there are no proofs of sth else. What he said can mean many things, jumping to sth like he cheated those is a bad thing to do. From here on I will report any other post in this direction as it hurts his name. You may buy the diamonds and nothing else.
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  6. I payed a guy...Who has a massive supply...then I made a minecraft animation video where i "gave" a zombie the stack of blocks, and killed the zombie ;) I did not hack. I bought 9 stacks of diamonds from dubzy1.
  7. You jelly? ^_^
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  8. Not saying he's cheating, just that it's a lot of diamonds. Just trying to understand what he meant by "inherited".
    A bit :p
  9. Anyone want to make an offer?
  10. 1k
  11. Ill buy em all, 26k
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  12. Wow, here comes leo!
  13. Ok leo! I will meet you at your lot.
  14. Wait no. Meet me at my lot.