Stable Voucher Price

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  1. How much do stable vouchers sell for?
  2. i'm sure its creeping up now, was like 6k-ish to 10k-ish to probly around 15k to 25k now. Soon i think it'll skyrocket after no one has the free one they got. Same thing for those horses (specially the not-used horse eggs)
  3. well i guess i should hold onto the promo horse and voucher then ^_^ Thanks Joe ! Can a mod close this please?
  4. I disagree. I think the stable vouchers are still cheap. I saw plenty going for 5-10k a week ago.
  5. Theyre being sold for 7k atm...
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  6. well i did say probly... we can agree 5k to 10k atm then :p
    give a few more weeks and itll be what i said.
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  7. Cause Horses at the /shop were 35k and the vouchers were 50k if i'm not mistaken. So i'm pretty sure people bought the horses over the vouchers if they even bought anything at all. I know I bought nothing from the shop. I just got my free ones. So im thinking if the horse is not-used and the vouchers will most likely raise in price about the same. Give it time they will get up there. Plus they did say that they were gonna rarely give the vouchers away, that is if they keep to that.