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    • This is a list of our many new SSRC Corporation projects to help SMP2 and to improve the Community. We also do this showcase the Amazing abilities of some of SMP2's great Architects in SSRC. (Southern. SMP2. Redevelopment. Corperation.)

    • The Imperial Gardens (3561, SMP2)
    • Built 10/24-25/15
    • status: Completed

    • The SMP2 Crafting Center (3030, SMP2)

    • Status: Opened but work/improvements continue

    • The Seattle Space Needle (3310, SMP2)
    • Status: Completed

    • The Royal Apartments (3661, SMP2)
    • Status: Multiple floors open for residences, partly under construction still.

    • SSRC Congressional Hall (3659, SMP2)
    • Status: Completed

    • SSRC/SMP2's Grand Race Track (3385-3384, SMP2)
    • Status: Fully Completed and Operational

    • SMP2 Candyland (/v +candyland, SMP2)
    • Status: 90% Complete

    • SSRC Halloween Catacombs Maze (4191, SMP2)
    • Status: 85% Complete (will be completed by Friday the 30th of October

    Thank you for keeping up to date with SSRC's Projects throughout SMP2 and EMC.
    Like, comment, and follow me on my EMC account profile page at SSRCmegamall.
    We want to here you feed back, and want suggestions to what you see next on SMP2 an EMC.
    We are here to Build, Help, Create, and Imagine.
    SSRC - "Building the future, One block at a time."
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  1. Ooh, I may have to visit candyland sometime soon. :)
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  2. I love how it is only 90% complete guess you can never have to much candy :D