Squizz's 900 Day AMA

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recognise my name?

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  1. So 900 days, wow.
    I've been through EMC some dark days though personal life issues and in-game wise (any of those mindless sheep who knew Copherfield will know what I'm on about)
    anyway where was I?, as yes 900 days.
    *rambles on about how EMC was amazing late 2011-12*
    *goes onto how life got in the way of the game, sucks right? yeah....*
    *how coming back to the servers being very different, new owner new staff :)confused: <- Me)*
    So people I think totally made EMC well.... EMC (and in no particular order and im missing some because there are so many)
    mrlegitislegit <- legit as can be
    Eclipsys <- your building skills just what even...
    Coleballer <- i helped you settle in to smp2 we became very close
    toboy1 <- same as cole, great times :')
    Qwertyip <- your shop inspired me to go onto designing my own stuff and i've got pretty good!
    Leowaste <- forums you've done allot around here
    imbobertrobert <- forum guy *salute*
    Crazy1080 <- I remember trying to get to know people and you were nice
    haleyclogan <- forums, seemed real nice
    SoulPunisher <- Forums
    Jaari <- ingame!
    Nole972 <- ingame - forums
    gabrielrocks69 < ingame forums
    joshposh70.... or is it joshposh80 I CAN NEVER REMEMBER *CRIES*
    equinox_boss<- forums!!
    importerer <- Delta....
    333kirby <- forums!

    and Copherfield :eek: I gotta hand it to him, he made me enjoy EMC allot more as it gave me something to distract myself with *refers back to life problems*

    I've decided to do an AMA because why not, 900 days should be a legit reason!
    So go ahead ask me anything!

    Also the poll at the top is just wondering, many new faces around!
  2. Shall you be back now? :D
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  3. Whats your favorite color?
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  4. This one is hard for me because I don't have a general favourite but it's between Purple and matte black.
    I'll be on twice a week saving my residence and doing odd jobs but in the whole not really.
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  5. I shall let qwert know your thinking of him next time he comes round for games night :)
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