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  1. If given enough water. Will squid spawn at my lot?
  2. they should yes.
  3. They will continue to spawn and despawn throughout the day too, they are the most unreliable mob to try to contain in a tank.

    Edit: you don't actually need a large water area for them to spawn, I have seen them spawn in town fountains quite often.
  4. And they can fly too ;)
    Example at d1223m res :D
  5. I was thinking of an ink sack / squid farm and didn't want to wast time building a tank. I think I'll give it a try. Thanks all.
  6. Where on his lot ARE his magical squids?
  7. His internet connection is "high" if you know what i'm saying XD
  8. Look for old thread. He got a picture of it.
  9. This explains why I have a fair few squid wandering around in my moat uninvited.

    Make sure you've got water first folks or they'll go to the nearest source!
  10. They can even spawn in a single block of water.