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Wanna visit res# 14550?

Yes, off course 6 vote(s) 66.7%
No, I hate good deals and epic buildings 3 vote(s) 33.3%
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  1. Hi everyone. Some of you have maybe been to res 14603 or read the thread "res 14603". For those who doesn´t know what I´m talking about, res 14603 was my res until today......
    I unclaimed my res today and moved to res 14550 on SMP7. I am still going to have a squid themed res, but I have moved:)
    At my res, I´ll have:
    Two black and white wool skyscrapers
    Squid Mall
    Squid Mining Company
    Squid Plaza (a hotel)
    Zoo and a public wool farm

    Most of the buildings will be finished in the beginning of September:)

    EDIT:Squid Plaza (hotel) is going to be in one of the skyscrapers. Also the Squid Mall will be more like a mall, not just a huge shop. It will also be made out of End stone...... Instead of a Squid statue, as I first thought of, I will have like a huge pool or lake for squids and diving for the guests:)
    If you want to donate wool or money, write it under here or pm me.
    PS: every donator will get a tp to their res (as long as their res is on SMP7) and their name on the notification board on the lobby. The top donators will also get their own penthouse apartment:)
  2. I gotta get in on this!! I will help
  3. Also!! As soon as i get home (in wales atm) I will make you a sig + logo
  4. it really is:)
  5. Thanks:) pm me when you get home:p
  6. Wow! Will definitely come visit when it's finished :D
  7. everyone schould visit my res:) and I´m sorry for the bad english