Squid for dinner?

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  1. So today i had something new for dinner SQUID! They were little squid covered in some sort of sauce and tasted really good definetly not the wierdest thing i've had... es cargo.
  2. OMG! i love calamari

    fried squid is the best.. However, while I was in South Korea, I had some live squid.. It was good.. chewy.. but good.
  3. Mm. I love calamari, especially fried. Live squid is... Chewy. I had some at a Chinese place in San Francisco once. The most surprising food I've ever had was rattlesnake cakes. (they were like crab cakes, but with snake.) Surprisingly good.
  4. Ew. You are all a bunch of weirdos.
    - LadyHayley
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  5. it is odd that we mentioned this in one of our videos and it is brought up somehwere else.. the DEBATE continues!
  6. Says she who has only tried 8 of the '100 foods to try before you die'
  7. Someone has been stalking my facebook >.> Do you know I plan to have tried at least 75 of those over the next few years.
  8. it wasnt calamari it was just plain old squid raw dipped in some sort of sauce.
  9. This makes me just want to find this list, and have all of it here.. waiting to be tried.
  10. calamari is squid.. fried calamari (what most americans call calamari) is actually fried squid..
  11. Mm. I wasn't stalking, just casually noticed after I had finished marking the 62 or so I had eaten.
  12. oh i didnt know that [the more you know:D]
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  13. Uh yes, sure. Just casually noticed >.> 62 :eek: I wanna beat you.
  14. Lol, it does say what all your friends got when you finish. I was lookig at the list, I scrolled down, and I was like "lol hayley..."
    Not trying to be bothersome here.
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  15. I'm a squid and I eat other squid.
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  16. That makes so much sense. Seriously. :)
  17. Squid and snails are both wins. End of. :D