Squid Farming

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  1. So as the title suggests I want to make a squid farm, not only that but in town due to the 100r egging charge in the wild... I'm not sure how to make one although AlexChance sells the eggs for around 25r so he would be lose money if he were egging in the wild...
    So anyone knwo if it's possible and if so how?
  2. Build a huge platform on your res and then cover it in water.
  3. So... Uh do I need there to be light?
  4. I don't think so.
  5. I'm pretty sure squid won't spawn in town. Somebody correct me if I'm wrong, but I think that was turned off some time ago.
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  6. I think they do. Everyone to smp8 on a res near spawn to find out.

    EDIT: Marg is right :(
  7. Aww no spawing in town :(
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  8. I thought we've been over this. Alex is insane:)
    Anyway. I have no clue why they're so low.. And you're right about how he'd be loosing money..
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  9. maybe your voice friend is using haxxx
  10. I'm pretty sure Aikar disabled it as part of the Entcount changes. If they were allowed to spawn, it would throw the counts off and possibly cause animals to be destroyed.

    I egged a lot of them from the pond on my residence before they were disabled. Since they despawn, they aren't much use for anything but ink sacs anyway. I just kill them when I find them in the Wild. Respiration helmet and looting sword...
  11. I wish there was a way to turn squid spawning t/f per lot. I have a lot of underwater areas that I would love if there were squid swimming around in. I tried releasing a few squid eggs, but they despawn after a couple of minutes.
  12. I thought that is it would be just like villagers, they only spawn if you have spare entity's on your residence...