Spyware or Malware?

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Spyware or Malware

Spyware. 1 vote(s) 20.0%
Malware. 4 vote(s) 80.0%
  1. I was watching antvenom YouTube videos and i clicked on his elemental creeper's mod video and my computer started flipping out and then it went to a full screen thing that said my computer was locked because i was watching inappropriate videos of children (I most definitiely wasent). It said in the top left corner that it was the fbi but it also said that i had to pay some money using money pack to remove it. I knew that the fbi would not do this so i went to there website on my iphone and saw that this was a major scam right now and i needed to get in contact with ic3 (i think that's what it was called). I am currently waiting for a response from them. I was just wondering if any of you guys had this problem and if you knew if it was Spyware or Malware. If you have had this problem i beg you to please post a response in the description on how to fix it. It isint a virus because their was nothing being downloaded.
  2. Firstly - Download Avast! Antivirus - Update it and then run a scan - I've personally nearly had this malware, However it was blocked by chrome and removed by avast! - It get's through due to a loophole in flash I believe.
  3. Norton 360 has come through for me time & time again. I believe Avast or Norton.

    Just don't get McAfee. I don't even consider them an anti-virus program...
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  4. I use AVG.
  5. look this wouldn't have happened if you used Chrome plus Norton 360/Kaspersky

    Man I gotta love Kaspersky xD
  6. I'm having the third-party advertisement problem on the minecraft wiki, minecraft forums, and minecraft network.
    I almost die every time it says that.
  8. Microsoft Security FTW :D

    (The program not firewall, does it even do anything?)
  9. The only reason you would use that is if you want an update every 6 months and only catches 60% of viruses.
  10. One reason I hate avast:
    every day it says "avast virus database has been updated"
    its so annoying!
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  11. One reason I hate it:
    Everytime I load my computer up I get
    'Your running the 60 day free trial upgrade now!' And my computer doesn't like having to load much when it starts up. Steam I need to change...
  12. You need to register it for free - in the interface, Just click the register now

    Settings > Sounds > Events > Untick Automatic Update > To 'Popups' > Update popups> 0 seconds > Profit?!
  13. Thanks!
  14. Just downloaded Avast! First thing it did was send me an Obama or Romney survey. Even anti-viruses like to spam me with this junk. :)
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  15. Just get a mac
  16. You will never, ever get a virus if you have a mac.

    Steve Jobs

    You can still afford a Doctor of you bought a PC

    Bill Gates