Spudican Castle! (I require help!)

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  1. Hullo people of EMC. It's your potato loving guy, Choongjae!

    So, I posted a thread a while back, about requiring ideas about what to do on my res. Well, I've decided to do a castle! (Yes yes, it's quite a rare idea.)
    This thread is not about asking for donations, I don't need any. Hopefully. This thread is not asking for building help, (I may ask certain people to help, but yeah.) This thread is that I need help designing the castle. I tried an example of making a tower to mark the corners of the castle, and they sucked. So, can anyone help me on designing a castle based on potatoes?
    (I probably put this in the incorrect forum, but oh well. :p)
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  2. I would make several towers. Each tower would be capped by a dome or several domes. Similar to the onion domes found in Catherine's Palace in Russia. Except the potato domes should be bigger and fatter.

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  3. Sorry for the late reply. Nice idea! So are you suggesting that I should also make the domes potatoes?
    And bumpish thing!
  4. If you need some help with the building I probably can help :)
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  5. Yes, I would make "potato towers". I don't much about potatoes. Do they all look the same?
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