Spring is here!

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Which season do you prefer?

Spring 3 vote(s) 15.8%
Summer 8 vote(s) 42.1%
Fall 1 vote(s) 5.3%
Winter 7 vote(s) 36.8%
  1. I'm glad we are out of the Winter phase, or at least where I live. :p
    The only problem is Spring Cleaning. I usually don't mind spring cleaning, but today I was feeling very lazy. I had to mow the lawn for the first time this year, considering it's spring. I really didn't feel like walking outside to make the grass short, and let it grow again, only to cut it short the next week. I could have just summarized all of that with "cut the grass" but that's too simple.

    Anyways, to motivate myself to cut the grass, I made a lawn mowing Time-lapse video. It was actually pretty cool to edit this, because I have never done a time-lapse before. Tell me what you think. :D

    So which season do you prefer the most? I personally like the Spring right before it transits into summer. Usually because school comes to a close, and the weather feels great!
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  2. all of the seasons suck..... everything sucks....


    if i had to choose winter...
  3. Me and a friend were talking about mowing grass and he said,"Don't you wish your yard was emo?" I asked why he said," So that way it could cut itself."
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  4. Haha that video was great! I just used a weed eater to mow an elderly couple's lawn today and since there were so many rocks I couldn't use a push mower, but I ended up being covered in blended grass and my shoes are now dyed green lol. Also, it already feels like it's Summer in Texas, I think it got up to 102 degrees Fahrenheit yesterday so I kinda wish it was still Winter.
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  5. Wow, that's pretty warm for Srping. I know how you feel with the whole rocks situation, I've run into so many in the past years. xD
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  6. if only mowing the yard took 2mins and 16 seconds xD
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  7. Great vid! Nice editing!
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  8. Winter where I lived is about 25C
    Free-Natural-EcoFriendly Air conditioner :D
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  9. Fall is the worst season...It's like the depressing season because its a very short season that is right before winter, my worst enemy!
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  10. //wand :rolleyes:
    click once click twice
    //replace tall_grass short_grass
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  11. HAHA I love how we cut grass the same way :p get to the end of the row, consider turning it around and pushing it back.... SCREW IT I'MMA PULL IT!!
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  12. hmmm this is giving me idea to do one like your video but when I'm harvesting Cotton or Rice
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  13. I love snow.
  14. Winter and Summer are basically the same in Western Australia. :/
  15. Exactly! :D
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  16. Great vid, nice editing. well done. and if i had to chose it would be summer! :D
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  17. I actually feel like mowing the lawns now..Awesome vid :)

    We're just going into Winter -sigh- I haven't had a proper Summer in what feels like forever. I keep missing it from travelling over to the States, or working a 50+ hour week. This June though, coming to the States again so I'll finally miss some of Winter for a change. Yay!
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  18. ooo yea this about season.hmmm i would pick summer best time in TX, but of course weather here is crazy, nice and sunny one sec the next Storming. lol owell
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