Spread The Love!

Discussion in 'Public Member Events' started by _Levy_McGarden_, Feb 15, 2016.

  1. Spread The Love To All Players That Attend And All My Animals On My Res! Bring Your Cupid Bow and An Arrow To Spread The Love! Anyone Who Shows Up And Makes A Run From The Love, We Will Get You :p This Event Is For Fun, A Late Valentines Day Game! Hope You Enjoy It!

    When: February 17, 2016 ( Wednesday ) at 1:30pm EMC time
    Where: /v Little_Pixel_Pig on smp8
    Host: Little_Pixel_Pig
  2. Sorry for the people that were coming, but I have to post pone the event. Real life just kicked me in the butt :p The event will be held February 19, 2016 ( Friday )
  3. GAH I am so sorry to say again i have to move the event, but instead of making you wait i wont be holding it anymore :( sorry, some real life issues got in the way