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  1. The other day I was on my phone looking for something good to listen to and
    realised that I have listened to all of my music tones of times, so last night I found Spotify.
    Basically it has all of the music that Itune's has (I think) but you don't download
    it you just stream it, it has a really clean layout.You need an account to but you can
    sign in with Facebook. Also every now and again you'll get an advert but they
    are like 10 seconds long and adblock doesn't work. :(

    Here you go:

    (Has anyone noticed that EMC is slowly turning into a dating advice site??)
  2. I love Spotify. It gets me through my work day. I think my current playlist is like 900 songs and is filled with absolutely every type of music that there is. My friend has the premium account ($9.99/month I think), says it really isn't worth it, except no ads.
  3. i use pandora, never really tried spotify...
  4. I really wish you didn't need a premium account to listen to it on a mobile device, but on a computer I would say that Spotify is by far the best option.
  5. I can't use Pandora, I live in Ireland. :(
  6. you can download songs on spotify to play offline, but only to be played in spotify.