Spore By MAXIS

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by Nefian, Jun 22, 2012.

  1. I an reccomending a game to you who NEED a game other thatn minecraft.(hey,even I get a little bored of testing my own mods)When I bought it.(A while ago)It was like $20.There is so nuch stuff in it,that it would take the whole
    summer vacation to list all the cool stuff about it.

    And by the way,there is an extremely cool expansion called spore GA.It adds creating custom spore maps plus 20
    other new upgrades for $35 or so.

    So if you need a good new game,by spore from maxis,I reccomend it!
  2. im getting it soon
  3. Random...
  4. i read the title as "spore by Maxarias" :p
  5. Same.
  6. the 100k club and the 15k club unite!
  7. I own this game, and it's pretty awesome! Have you ever beaten the space stage? I could never get to the center of the galaxy.
  8. you need the lvl 5 engine which is almost impossible to get. its kinda stupid though, i saw it on youtube. wont spoil it, but its not worth it.
  9. I heard it wasn't very good at all.
  10. The expansion isnt worth it

    The best part is the creature creator and the end-game Space simulator part.