Spooky Egg Glitch...?

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  1. Yesterday I spawned in a spooky egg to see what it was. I had closed it off in a room as I had to log off. I know it was trapped in the room because I could see the egg it was wearing hovering in the corner of the room. Today when I had logged on it was missing. I kept hearing clucking sounds so I eggifyed all the chickens on my res (all 12 of them), along with some annoying villagers(and a sheep and a horse and a pig....k moving on). I no longer hear clucking sounds but I'm not entirely sure if spooky eggs even make clucking sounds like chickens do. Just wondering if this was a glitch or not I paid a lot for it when they were for sale at the empire shop (pretty sure it was like 15k).
  2. Relevant Aikar quote.
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  3. Ah ok thanks