Sponsor my tower!

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by SebaB2001, Dec 31, 2012.

  1. hey guys,
    as most of u know im building a tower on smp5. well im still in need of iron and rupees. so to get that im wanting some1 to sponsor my tower! what will happen if u sponser it u get the tower (currently its named Multi - Tower) named after you or you can name it. u also get an apartment in the tower thats 1 floor (which will be second biggest in tower next to mine). so if u want to sponsor we can start at 45k. if some1 has already bid this amount u can raise price by 1k intervals. the last person that bids for the sponsor gets it after 48hrs after his/her bid. did i forget to mention tower is next to the smp5 mob arena!
  2. So will the entrance message say what i want it to say??
  3. Yeah that too
  4. 45k
  5. Wait 48hrs be cuz some1 might make a higher bid for the sponsor.
  6. Look at my previous post I forgot to hit reply but yes u have to wait 48hrs.
  7. Sorry my sister posted that.... she's trying to get me to lose money, so im going to delete that. Im so sorry
  8. u cant delete once u have posted