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  1. I recently saw a video of Life Is Strange, and ever since then I've been thrilled by the game! This thread is to share your flavourite moments, scenes and anything else about the game! If you don't have it (like me:() you can pick it up for only 20 dollars for XBox 360, XBox Uno, PS3, PS4 and PC.

    My favourite scene would probably be in Episode II: Out of Time when Max is in the Two Whales Diner and you can talk to a lady, literally "Weird Lady" and she is exactly that!:D
  2. I like this game and I don't like this game.

    The dialogue is absolute crap (no teenager talks like they do in LIS), the lip syncing is awful, there are literally no face animations apart from the character's mouths moving, and there's just something really weird about it.

    On the other hand: the story is interesting, the game looks pretty, it has a nice soundtrack, and the dialogue is so bad to the point where its kind of funny.

    TellTale's Game of Thrones is something I look forward to way more than this game :p (Also pretty hyped for their The Walking Dead The Game: Season 3, which should be coming in November - December)
  3. I can agree 100% on this, lol. I feel like this game could be a 9/10 but the lip syncing is god awful. When the characters are talking on certain words it shows the mouth closed and for sometimes when they stopped talking it still shows the animation. An example of this is when Kate was talking to Max. For a scene that is supposed to be emotional, it is awkward due to the lip syncing.
  4. Yes, The lip sync does throw me through a loop, but the story is just so good! Many people compare it to Heavy Rain and The Last of Us. I have yet to play Heavy Rain, but I played The Last of Us and it is also a wonderful game.

    Also, that Ep. 3 ending, tho.
    Did anyone else think, "I guess they'll have to rename it the THREE Whales Diner?" :p
  5. This game is phenomenal. The creator team, DONTNOD, already stated that they apologize for the lip syncing, but it was easier for their budget to throw in a generic "speech pattern" than to heavily focus on each of the scenes.

    It's not noticeable unless you really focus on it. I realized it was off and haven't thought about it again until this thread. They have worked to make a brilliant game, both in looks and story.

    Telltale has many lip sync issues, and overall choice option plot-holes in several of their games. Don't get me wrong, I love telltale games, but they have messed up more than DONTNOD has with lip sync issues. I honestly think people are hugely over-reacting to the lip-sync issues.

    Also, I have known more people/teens to use the lingo and speak the way Chloe and Max do, than not. It may be a regional thing.
  6. There are people I know that speak like Max and Chloe as well. I suppose it could be a regional thing. The off-kilter lips is pretty much my only gripe, but it does mess with my minor OCD. I haven't played any of Telltales games yet, so I'm not sure how good their sync is. I'll take your word for it though, BailiB. I especially like the indie look of the game and the story is amazing. Definitely in my top 5.
  7. I only really recommend things from post TWD season 1. Telltale has had a few "bumps" in their games prior to that. The Jurassic Park game is pretty well know for its horrible voice acting.

    If you're of a mature age, I recommend The Wolf Among Us, and the Game of Thrones game. They're probably my favorite out of all Telltale games.

    You can tell the difference in the quality of work in TWAU and TWD S2, and it's easy to see that they focused on TWAU more.
  8. I can agree with the choice plot-holes, but I think the lip syncing in Telltale games is MUCH more accurate and better than DONTNOD. Go on any game made by Telltale and there is a huge difference. Nobody complained about lip syncing issues or voice animation glitches in games like the walking dead because they were not as visible. To me, many people don't like the lip syncing in Life is Strange because it is a preference to them at least.
  9. You obviously haven't seen too much of the Jurassic Park game, then. I don't know if you played TWD as it was coming out, but people had many issues with the graphics and overall gameplay. Most were fixed a day or two in, but you could tell they were rushing to put out content. It was the first time something "Episodic" of theirs got popular, and people were throwing hissy-fits over not having a new episode within a few weeks.

    DONTNOD had little to no money to make the game when you compare it to how much money Telltale had for TWD and TWDS2. I honestly don't blame them for making budget cuts, as it allowed for things like the graphics and soundtrack, that Telltale didn't delve into. Like I said, lip-sync is not that huge of a deal. It wasn't 7-8 years ago you were lucky if a game had decent lip-sync.
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  10. Did someone say, GAME OF THRONES? *walks away*
    I haven't heard a ton about The Wolves Among Us. What's it about?
    Also, I don't think I can wait another 6 weeks for the next episode!
  11. If the lip-sync wasn't a huge deal, how come almost all YouTubers, games media, and even FANS have criticized the game for its lip-syncing? It seems to be a noticeable problem with many from what I have seen.
  12. TWAU is based of the older comics, "Fables." It is a prequel to the comics, so I was able to jump in without reading. Oddly enough, this game got me into the series, and it's something I'm enjoying to read.

    Basically, all our beloved fairytales have been banished from their homelands, and are forced to live as mostly-immortal beings in New York. Some key members are "Snow White," "Beauty + The Beast" and "The Big Bad Wolf."

    You play as "Bigby Wolf," who acts as a sheriff to the area the Fables call "Fable Town." He does this because they can't involve normal people in their fairy-tale problems. You are given the choice to live up to your name of "The Big Bad Wolf" or to try and show the Fables how you've changed.

    It was a beautiful game, in story and looks. Some of the characters and fights blew my mind, and it's on my top 5 list of games. I had fun exerting the "Good Wolf" and played it again for the "Bad Wolf."
  13. Like I said, it's not a huge deal in the grand scheme of things. I would rather have lips that don't match, and a great quality soundtrack and amazing graphics, than to have matching lips at the cost of the scenery and sound. It's an extremely easy thing for me to overlook, I haven't noticed it but the once. I'm not going to obsessively stare at the character lips, I'm going to be focused on dialogue choices and scenery.

    Maybe it's because I grew up with games this way, or maybe you (and many others) are supremely overreacting. It was a budget cut, and thanks to budget cuts and smart planning, this game was able to exist in the first place.

    If Telltale were given the option to look good or have matching lips they would do the same, they are just lucky enough people love their "Comic Book Style" art, and that it's easy and cheap to make.

    The Jurassic Park Game is a perfect example of Telltale with a limited budget. They tried to make it look nice, and they messed up everything else in the process. The animations and actions were horrendous and the voice acting was even worse.

    Don't blame DONTNOD for providing quality content the cheapest way possible.
  14. TLOU is a good game with a great plot, but I personally don't think Life is Strange is anywhere near that level. Heavy Rain was god-awful, by the way :p
  15. prepare to weather the storm

    Life is Strange Finale - Oct 20th.
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