[Spoiler Alert] TWD Discussion Thread

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  1. I did not see a thread made for this, and there needs to be one.

    Lets Discuss!

    Please put your posts in spoilers, thanks! (some people aren't caught up, its unfair to them)

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  2. Could staff put [SPOILERS] in the thread name, or could everyone put their spoilers in spoilers :p
  3. Yes, forgot to mention to put stuff in spoilers in OP, fixing now.
  4. New episode coming on now :) Cannot wait!
  5. Forgot about that....

    Interested to see what happens, the last episode was... quite much.
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  6. Wow... That is all I can say about this episode. Rick totally would not have done that for anyone else, and I think that bad things will follow. Rick is right, they need to change their ways but I have a feeling Rick is going to be exiled from Alexandria. Michonne did not have to do that... he got knocked on his ***. Season Finale is next week....
    What are your thoughts?

    I can sense a special connection between Carl and Enid ;) <3

    I cannot wait until next week! :D

    Please put all posts in spoilers.

  7. I liked that episode. I was chanting for Carl and Enid to kiss in the tree, and was a bit sad they didn't lol. Think Rick knows how to survive, but just snapped all together. I was seriously expecting him to either shoot Pete or try and "Take over" Alexandria for his group. I don't want the season to end D:
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  8. I had a feeling they would kiss, but didn't.

    I thought he was going to take over Alexandria right then and there, maybe next episode?... :p
  9. I need to start watching,but anime has me occupied due to the high amount of them. I might start watching it slowly...
  10. Maybe, it could turn into Terminus all over again, with the firefights, blood, and walkers. [/spoilers]
  11. I highly recommend, I didnt start watching until season 4.
  12. Bumperino, added a timer until the next episode.
  13. Tomorrow is Season Finale Bump
  14. Few minutes!

  15. Wow, did you guys just see that?! We know where the 'W' Zombies come from or came from....

  16. WOW. That just happened. Best Finale Ever.

    I just loved that. Morgan is there again, Dana trusts rick. Rick didnt even think twice BAM.

    Thoughts? Questions? Concerns?
  17. Won't spoil anything, so no need for spoilers :p

    I didn't like it, to be honest. Of course, things happened that brought back memories, as well as the typical 'Slap-to-the-face', but otherwise it was not all that great. So far, my favorite Season Finale was Season 2's, and i think it might stay like that for awhile.