[Spoiler Alert]The Blacklist (TV SHOW)

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  1. So... I know there are other fans out there. Wanna discuss?

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  2. I love this show, I am currently up to date. Ill talk about anything but I WONT divulge spoilers... in my eyes they are the worst kind of criminals that walk this earth :)
  3. Yeah the show is amazing! How many seasons do you think it will run at the current pace?
  4. Already 3 seasons, at its current pace I cannot see it lasting more than 2 more seasons? Id love for it to last along time! even the "filler episodes" are amazing. Some pretty big reveals this seasons and theres not much more on the horizon. Im guessing 5 seasons total ! at its current rate of story progression.
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  5. Wow, I just watched last nights episode and all I can say is...

    That was one hell of an episode. So many questions answered, and so many questions formed!
  6. havent seen it! going to watch it tomorrow!
  7. It says there is only 3 episodes left. :(


    Check out the NBC website for 'The Blacklist', they have a trailer up for the next episode.
  8. I love the blacklist! It's my favourite TV show and I can't wait for new episodes. Is it bad to admit I love Res??? *heart eyes emoji*
  9. Tonight's episode was amazing, so many things were found out about 'Liz'. :D

    Anyone know anything about this "Only 2 episodes left" thing? I cannot find anywhere if they are talking about the season or series...
  10. Yeah it was a pretty good episode tonight
  11. Only 2 episodes left D:

    New episode tomorrow @9PM
  12. Holy crapoli....

    That episode was frieking amazing!

    It is becoming more an more obvious that there will only be one episode left (or maybe not who knows, I am just a bolw of stew).

    Scratch that I check out NBC's website and it says season finale :)


    Next week's spoiler.
  13. Put on your MLG Diapers....

    because TONIGHT is the season finale at 9PM (EMC Time).
  14. Oh my... that was.... AMAZING!!!!

    Now I have to wait til the next season. I shall ask the following questions, please do not open the spoiler if you have not seen the episode.

    What do you think will happen to Cooper?
    Do you still think Reddington is her dad?
    Where do you think the show is heading?
    Will we see Tom Keen again?
    Is the Cabal beginning to fall?
    On a scale of 1-10 how hyped are you for the next season? I am hyped with a 12. :O